Reciprocity. Closure. Thank you.

Has this ever ha13.11.18_graphicppened to you?

The Big Event (wedding, birthday, graduation, etc.) comes off to perfection and all involved enjoy themselves immensely. Warm emotions abound over the hospitality, the guests of honor, the hosts, the fellow guests, and so forth. You give a generous gift to celebrate and honor the stars and…

Nothing. No word of thanks. Not even a confirmation that the gift arrived.

Leaves a hole at the end of the experience, doesn’t it?

The importance of thanks goes beyond mere etiquette (although much can be said for Continue reading

Critical Paths in the Big Blue Sky

BlueSkySeth Godin’s blog post today talks about the “critical path” of a complicated project. His main point is that, in the heat of crunch time, teams often lose sight of the critical steps of process, and the sequencing of those steps, which must be adhered to for a successful outcome.

Godin says, “… most organizations focus on shiny objectives or contentious discussions or get sidetracked by emergencies instead of honoring the critical path.”

DR fundraisers deal with complicated projects on a daily basis. Multi-channel, multi-format, multi-test campaigns designed to drive revenue, drive engagement, drive retention, get noticed, etc. In other words, Continue reading