IPSO: 4 Essential Steps for Successful Creative Directors

blogpic_3-10-16_squareCreative directors ply their skills in a wide array of fields and channels, with a myriad of tools and techniques at their disposal. But there are certain practices common to all.

For instance, one of the most important tools a CD can employ is a set of high-altitude reins.

There is a natural enthusiasm in most creative endeavors to jump into the weeds and begin “ideating.” It’s fun, after all. And of course, a good creative director knows that cultivating that process can be a fruitful experience.

There is certainly a time and place for brainstorms and in-the-weeds “noodling.”

However, without controls and guidance—and, yes, properly and appropriately applied restraint—much of that creative energy can be wasted on useless outcomes. That means money wasted, never a good thing.

Regardless of industry, sector or focus area, successful CDs usually share four big picture process points:

Identify, Plan, Solve, Observe (IPSO)

I’ll use examples from my own industry, direct response fundraising, but the four points apply across the broad range of marketing. Continue reading